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 I offer online coaching for those unable to make it to the weight room to train with me in person. The program can be for anything from high school athlete, strongman competitor, soccer mom or anything else. I start with an in person (if local), Skype, Facetime or phone consultation. This will allow me to figure out your goals, limitations, experience and whatever else we need to discuss to create your individual program. I then create your programs first phase based off our discussion. We will then have a weekly conversation to see how things are going or if changes need to be made. I also utilize videos to show you how the exercises should be done and if possible will have you send me videos of certain exercises to make sure they are being performed properly.


I require a 3 month commitment in order to get started which will get you 3 separate month long programs that build on each other. The programs will include everything from warm ups, weights for most exercises, core work, conditioning and flexibility needs. You will be given all the ingredients to achieve your goals.

If this is something you’re interested in, shoot me an e-mail at or fill out the contact form below. In the message, please write a paragraph about your goals and a little bit about yourself. If I think we’re a good fit, we can discuss rates and when we can get started. 

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